Guangdong Yangchen kitchenware Co., Ltd
Guangdong Yangchen kitchenware Co., Ltd. is located in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, the center of Pearl River Delta, China's daily hardware capital, covering an area of 130 mu. Yangchen company introduced non stick pot production line in 1994 to produce iron non stick pot. It is the earliest and largest production base of iron non stick pot in China. The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world. The market share of iron non stick cookers in the United States is more than 30%, and the market share of high-grade iron non stick cookers in the United States is 90%. And in the country has built "several meters geometry" brand flagship stores and chain companies. Guangdong Yangchen kitchenware Co., Ltd. is an eagle enterprise in Nanhai District. It is a key listed backup enterprise of the government. At present, it is completing the share reform and listing preparation under the cooperation and guidance of GF Securities Company. Yangchen company is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province and a private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province. It has established a research and Development Center for surface treatment engineering technology of kitchenware in Guangdong Province and a provincial technology center in Guangdong Province. It undertakes the research and development of surface treatment, new materials, spraying technology and other topics. Guangdong Yangchen kitchenware Co., Ltd. is the president unit of Nanhai District Hardware Industry Association, the vice president unit of China Hardware Association cooking utensils branch, and the vice president unit of Nanhai District General Chamber of Commerce. It is a demonstration unit of cleaner production in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The company was the first to implement ISO9001 quality management system standard in the same industry. It is the second enterprise in China to implement TPS in cooperation with the middle class company of Japan. In 2009, the company initiated the drafting of Nanhai non stick cookware industry alliance standard. Yangchen adheres to the corporate mission of "making cooking happy and making life better", constantly innovating and leading the fashion. Yangchen non stick cookware products are developing in the direction of safety, health, energy saving, green, environmental protection, function differentiation, aesthetics, electrization, automation and intelligence.
Guangdong huitailong Technology Co., Ltd
Huitailong hardware sanitary ware is a professional decoration material company with 19 years of hardware sanitary ware manufacturing experience. It has the marketing headquarters of Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou CBD and a large modern production base in Foshan. It is the executive director unit of China Architectural Decoration Association, the executive director unit of China Hardware Products Association and the vice president unit of lock making branch. It mainly produces high-grade hardware bathroom products, integrating design, R & D, manufacturing and marketing. The products cover a full range of hardware and bathroom matching combination for building decoration, providing professional and high-quality supporting services for home decoration and engineering decoration. Taking the international advanced technology as the standard, we should build the extension from the enterprise personality culture to the brand culture connotation, and pay attention to the cultivation of customer satisfaction and loyal service. Excellent product quality, reflecting the vital interests of the majority of users, high-quality commitment, because of the standard and stronger. Huitailong hardware sanitary ware has excellent product quality and complete supporting facilities. It has more than ten years of rich experience in hardware sanitary ware industry, good market reputation, strong technical strength, sound sales network and perfect after-sales service system to meet the needs of users in an all-round way. Huitailong's products are mainly divided into hardware, bathroom and intelligent products. The hardware system includes: door lock hardware, decoration hardware, door control hardware, door handle, moving door hardware, furniture hardware and furniture handle. Bathroom system includes: faucet, shower, shower room, bathroom pendant, bathroom accessories, bathroom appliances six categories. Intelligent product system includes: fingerprint code lock, induction card code lock and hotel IC card lock. The combination of the three product systems, covering a full range of home decoration hardware bathroom matching combination, to give users more satisfaction, more intimate service. Huitailong supporting product portfolio, one-stop purchase. Huitailong hardware sanitary ware, reshaping the criteria of space, opens a new era of freedom, feeling technology and enjoying life. Huitailong constantly introduces updated product series and technical functions, fully matching the function and aesthetic feeling of space decoration, giving modern people a higher taste of home life. Distinctive supporting products, give decoration space more possible choice. Huitailong has established an operation system based on corporate culture and quality management, and achieved the company's business strategic objectives in continuously meeting customer needs and services. The company has a strong and experienced marketing team, perfect marketing system and "caring" marketing concept. Sales network and partners all over the country, in the continuous growth and improvement of all kinds of sales channels, huitailong has achieved scientific operation and management. In the process of building the exclusive store, which is the window of the company's external image, relying on years of marketing promotion and store building experience, the company always adheres to the high integration of brand image and corporate cultural image, creates a comfortable shopping environment, provides professional and reasonable expert level suggestions, and establishes a "caring" marketing service concept. Strive to get every detail of the customer's affirmation and satisfaction. Huitailong, after more than ten years of steady development, has become a strong supplier of building decoration materials. The company has strong technical force, advanced production and testing equipment, and has a number of high-quality professional and technical personnel. The R & D and production of products all keep the international manufacturing standards. The design and production of each product go through strict procedures, from drawing design to mold manufacturing, from production inspection to product packaging, all are meticulous and keep improving. Huitailong's powerful product development and design ability has brought a technological revolution to the hardware and bathroom market. In the practice of production and construction for many years, a unique and reasonable supporting scheme has been formed, and excellent evaluation has been obtained. High quality positioning is a strict production standard for products. Huitailong company has passed the certification of global authoritative ISO9001:2000 international quality standard system, UL safety certification of National Laboratory of the United States, certification of China furniture quality supervision and inspection center, certification of China construction hardware quality testing center and China National "CCC" safety certification and many other domestic and foreign authoritative organizations, and has been approved by Guangdong Province Guangzhou City awarded the honors of "famous trademark of Guangdong Province", "famous trademark of Guangzhou City", "excellent independent brand of Guangdong Province" and "excellent enterprise" respectively, and won the title of "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise of Guangzhou City" for 10 consecutive years. Huitailong has been honed for more than ten years, paying attention to details, adhering to professionalism, exquisite products, keeping pace with the changes of the times, constantly improving standards, and eternal quality. Due to everyone's participation, the products and services are constantly updated and upgraded, and the details are meticulous. For more than ten years, we have achieved the concept of "quality creates satisfaction"; for more than ten years, we have also achieved our own glory and dream. Huitailong always adheres to the enterprise concept of "quality creates satisfaction", makes full use of advanced production technology at home and abroad, adheres to the principle of quality, leads the current decoration trend, strives to build huitailong into an international brand of hardware and bathroom, and leads the trend of intelligent modern home life.